Laurens Henri 1885-1954

Dialogues, 1951

Wood in original colors on Arches, 38.5 x 28 cm

Plate taken from the book Dialogues by Lucien de Samosate, 1951, Tériades edition

Original Woodcut in colors, from the book Dialogues de Lucien de Samosate, 1951, Tériades edition

Henri laurens

First a stonemason, he became an artisan sculptor. In 1899, he studied drawing and the influence of Auguste Rodin was noticeable. Subsequently, he was attracted to the group of artists in Montparnasse and from 1911, he began to sculpt in the cubist style. Friend of Juan Gris and Pablo Picasso, who recognized his influence, he also influenced Georges Braque who considered him a brother.

The artist, who will devote an important part to the human figure, will destroy many works during his lifetime in order to leave behind only thos